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Bio: Product Name sofa cushion pillows
Material 100% polyester
Size 17''x17''
Use indoor/ outdoor
MOQ 2pcs
Color Multi-Colored
Design Accept Custom Designs
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Regular Packing poly bag or carton
Features Both face and reverse have the same faux leather texture design as picture show
Invisible zipper closure can be opened around 32-34cm for the cushion insertion.
This sofa cushion pillow has an invisible zipper and all seams have been overlocked so it is easy to wash it.
Suitable for machine washing and hand washing, cold water.
Note: Pillow cases in different light intensity and angle, It will exhibit different colors. This is a normal phenomenon, and not the product quality problems.
Due to saturation levels on different monitors, the color of the actual product may vary slightly.
Cushion Source is committed to exceeding your expectations. Cushions suppliers
Sex: Undisclosed

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